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Hair · May 14, 2015

Half-and-Half Hair Is the Newest Trend to Invade Instagram

It seems like just yesterday everyone had Crayola-colored hair. Then came the parade of pretty pastels and granny greys. The latest take on out-of-the-box color? Daredevils are dyeing half their hair one color, and the other half another to create a trend known as split-dyed color. Very Cruella De Vil, no?

Some may argue that joining in on the edgy trend sets yourself up for disaster down the line, but nothing can be more painful to grow out than year's shaved undercut. Plus, split hair is perfect for indecisive color enthusiasts (how about both teal and purple?), commitment-phobes who want a test run (are you really ready to go full blonde?), and current hair chameleons like Hilary Duff who are running out of shades of the rainbow to try. The possibilitiesand combosare endless, but here are some of our favorite #SplitHair snaps that prove two shades can be better than one:


Erica Smith