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Beards · February 20, 2015

Stephen Colbert Breaks Character and Admits: “The Real Stephen Colbert Had a Beard the Whole Time”

Two months have passed since Stephen Colbert's epic Colbert Report finale. And by the looks of it, the off-duty late-night host has put that time to impeccable use, cultivating a remarkable "Colbeard." It's sharp and it's well groomed, even in its slightly patchy state. It made us wonder: why has he kept these glorious whiskers hidden for so long? Well, we have our answer.

Colbert unveiled his new look at an event in Los Angeles where he received the an Oscar Wilde Award from the U.S.-Ireland Alliance. During his acceptance speech he made a huge reveal:

"I haven't been onstage in two months; my show ended two months ago and, for the record, I'm not in character. This is me right now and it turns out a lot of people didn't know this the real Stephen Colbert had a beard the whole time. I was just so deeply in character for ten years you never noticed, that's how good of an actor I am."

It's a pleasure to meet you, real Stephen. That's a great "Colbeard" you've got there.

Thinking about finally breaking character and growing out your own true-self beard? Good. We've got trimming tips, styling advice, and growing know-how for you.

h/t The Daily Beast


Adam Hurly