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Grooming · June 17, 2015

Stop Excessive Sweat (All Over Your Body) with This Antiperspirant Hack

We're well conditioned to using sweat-blocking deodorant on our armpits, and the same logic applies to other parts of the body.

If you want to stop excessive sweat at your forehead, on your thighs, or anywhere else that genetics require, simply apply antiperspirant deodorant to those areas. Be reasonable, of course: Don't roll that stick right on your face. To apply at the brow, rub some deodorant on your fingertips and apply it below the hairline. We suggest investing in a separate stick of deodorant, instead of reusing the one that's going under your arms or between your thighs.

We had one big question: Is applying antiperspirant to these body parts any less safe than using it underneath the arms (since antiperspirant uses aluminum to block sweat)? Apparently not.

"If you find you are sweating in areas on your body other than your armpits, its safe to apply antiperspirant," said Dr. Eric Schweiger of Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City. "These areas can include behind the knees, around the chest, and on the feet. However for more sensitive areas, such as the face and groin, make sure to use a fragrance-free antiperspirant, as fragrance can irritate the skin."


Adam Hurly