Stop Practicing Unprotected Styling—Stay Safe with KMS Hot Flex Spray!

Browse my past Birchbox contributions, and you'll notice an alarming pattern. Along with the occasional out-of-place comma (ed. note: we forgive you), I have a habit of dyeing my hair every few months. While I love the color-changing results, I'm not so crazy about the resulting hair damage. And just when I thought brittle locks would be my eternal beauty cross to bear, a bottle of this healing elixir landed on my desk. Coming soon to some August Birchboxes, KMS® California's FREESHAPE hot flex spray pulled off mission impossible: bringing my lame tresses back from the brink of dye-induced destruction.
Not only does the formula restore lost moisture, it also guards against the dulling effects of heat styling and provides the hold of a lightweight hairspray. Made with natural rhodiola rosea root extract, the weightless formula creates a buffer between your precious follicles and that 350-degree curling wand. Mist all over strands before styling, and prepare yourself for a game-changing hair transformation.

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