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Food · January 5, 2015

The 3 Cleansing Foods You Need in Your Life Right Now

At least a few times a week you might find yourself snacking on whats lying around, eating the leftover pizza, or enjoying some quality time with Ben and Jerry on the couch. Thats normal. The key is cleaning up the mess that less-than-healthy foods make. Enter the Arm & Hammer, Clorox, and Lysol of your diet: Cleansing foods, which flush the GI tract, wake up digestion, get rid of the gunk in your system, and release super powerful nutritional properties. Try these three to start your year on a so-fresh-and-so-clean note.


Between the antioxidants, fiber, and sky high vitamin C content, artichokes are famous for soothing your tummys reflux, stomach upset, nausea, and constipation. Trust me, I know they are a pain to steam, but frozen and canned artichokes are super simple to keep on hand. Pop em in a stir-fry or load em on your salad.


That little bulb of garlic that sits on your countertop is a liver cleansing powerhouse. It boosts your immune system, fights cancer, and prevents infection. We all need that! (Plus, it keeps vampires away). Smash a bulb and warm it up in a little olive oil over low heat and grate it into your pesto. Get the smell out of your fingertips by rubbing a metal spoon under running water, and cleanse your breath with some parsley (which is also a cleansing food!).

Dandelion Root

The yellow weeds that ruin your dads perfect lawn actually have benefits! Dandelion root is an amazing digestive aid that promotes peeing (urine gets rid of toxins). It also cleans the liver and kidneys, and plays a role in diabetes, cancer, and blood pressure management. You can find these greens at farmers markets, and sometimes at your local market, but theyre easiest to get in as a tea. You can even make your own.


Lauren Smith