Survival Kit: Holiday Party Season

Every year, you float into the holidays with visions of sugarplums, lazy naps by the fire, and wholesome cheer­—only to find yourself stressed out, hung over, and bloated from eating two (okay, three) helpings of Grandma’s special stuffing. What’s an eggnog-loving gal to do? Wellness expert Melisse Gelula, co-founder of Well+Good NYC, offers some guidance.

Make friends with the veggies

That baked brie is mighty tempting. Not to mention the prosciutto-wrapped breadsticks. A better bet: Plant yourself next to the crudités. “There’s nothing wrong with indulging in hummus and creamy dips, because you’re also eating a cup of peppers and broccoli!” says Gelula. We’re also strict believers in having a small snack before a fete—a piece of fruit or a healthy snack bar—to keep us from binging when confronted with the holiday spread.

Take care of your tootsies

Your platform pumps are the life of the party, but your feet will feel the aftermath. To minimize the impact, try Gelula’s one-two punch: “Watch your salt intake to minimize swelling, and bring a pair of roll-up flats that you can switch into midway through the night.” If your feet need extra TLC, use a soothing cream like Juara Candlenut Body Cream at the end of the night.

Warm up to lemon water

A little too aggressive at the buffet? Soothe your system with this foolproof remedy, which Gelula picked up from nutritionist Jennifer Kass: Drink a warm glass of lemon water after the meal and again when you wake up the next morning. “It’s a great alkalizer, helps to balance the pH levels in your body, and gets clean processing back in order.” To shake off the food hangover in the morning, use an exfoliator like (MALIN+GOETZ) peppermint body scrub in the shower—it will invigorate you and leave you feeling like a new person.

Wind things down

After long shopping days and nonstop soirees, your body will thank you for a little at-home spa action. First, stymie breakouts and prevent fine lines with a gentle cleanser like Nuxe Rêve de Miel® Facial Cleansing and Make-Up Removing Gel. Then, toss a bath bomb (Level Naturals has both energizing and soothing options like Eucalyptus+Lime and Jasmine + Rose) into the tub, apply fine line-preventing Wilma Schumann Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads for extra pampering, and settle in for a long soak.

Keep your jacket puffy – not your eyes.

Nothing says, “I slept 3 hours, drank too much, and binged on fried Tofurkey” like dark, puffy undereye circles. “They’re basically pools of liquid caused by too much salt or alcohol,” explains Gelula. Soothe with a cold compress for 10 minutes, and then follow with a moisture-boosting eye cream such as Benefit It’s Potent! “This stimulates the circulation of blood under the eyes and helps to flush the under-eye fluid out.” Proof that clear eyes can’t lose.

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