#TBT Beauty Edition: AquaNet

In this nostalgic series, we revisit the beauty fads of years past and match them with their contemporary updates. This week, we take a trip down memory lane to reminisce about the iconic aerosol spray, AquaNet.

As a mischievous, makeup-curious little girl, I used to snoop in my grandmother’s bathroom cabinets in search of beauty treasures like discarded blush and lipstick. On one of these adventures, I discovered my grandma’s trusty bottle of AquaNet, a super-hold hairspray popular in the ‘50s and then again in the ‘80s, with the return of big hair.

I soon found myself in a rather sticky situation. One push on the nozzle forced a powerful burst of hairspray at my overturned head that left my (usually very limp) hair looking—and feeling—like Edward Scissorhands’ spiky mane.

Scarred by the experience—and the eventual knowledge of hairspray’s harmful environmental impact—I swore off the stuff through my young adult years. That was until I discovered Number 4’s Non-Aerosol Hairspray. The eco-friendly, modern alternative to my grandma's AquaNet is not only paraben- and sulfate-free, it’s vegan too. It mists on lightly to keep my favorite updos (and braids, so many braids) in place without the rock-hard effect of outdated hairspray formulas.

Since I’m headed back to visit my grandparents’ house this summer, I know just the gift to leave her at the end of my stay.

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