#TBT Beauty Edition: The Hairagami

In our new #TBT: Beauty Edition series, we revisit the beauty fads of years past and match them with their contemporary updates. This week, we pay tribute to the late ‘90s “as seen on TV” wrap and snap styling tool, the Hairagami.

If you were one to watch late-night infomercials as a kid (and, come on, who wasn’t?) you probably have a soft spot in your heart for the late ‘90s invention, the Hairagami. Combining the art of origami with the snap action of a slap bracelet, the gizmo made creating flawless chignons (and a host of geometric styles like “hair sushi”) a breeze.

These days, when we want an easy updo, we reach for the equally awesome SARAHPOTEMPA WRAP UP. It comes in blonde, brunette, and black, and combines snap-into-place technology with soft, hair-friendly foam to create styles like the ever popular sock bun. Just secure the ends of your hair in the center opening, snap into place, and wrap it on up.

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