Test Drive: Stick-On Makeup

According to Nail Rock Creative Director Zoe Pocock, the idea of stick-on makeup was born during Fashion Week. “When you’re working backstage, it’s all about speed. You don’t have time to wait for manicures to dry, which is why I started using decals.” Nowadays, the trend has evolved to include eyeliner strips and even funky lip tattoos. We rounded up three Birchbox staffers to try out these catwalk-worthy products.


Easy-to-use nail strips make it easy to get a perfect mani or pedi without any drying time. Incoco’s appliques, made from ultra-thin layers of real polish, come in a range of designs, from solid to cheetah. For creative designs, you can't beat Nail Rock's stick-on decals—we're partial to the tribal print.

The Verdict: “These nail stickers give me instant gratification. They’re an easy way to get a cool design without spending a lot of time painting my nails.” —Whitney


Everyone can pull off the retro winged liner look, but mastering liquid formulas is another story. Take the easy way out with Dior’s runway-inspired Velvet Eyes or our newest obsession, Eye Rock’s Designer Liner. Just cut the single-use strips to fit your eyes, then press them onto your lids.

The Verdict: “These liner strips add a bit of drama to my everyday look. I’d pop them on whenever I go out after work.” —Bianca


Though they’re not for the faint of heart, Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos will have strangers admiring your daring style. The leopard print designs are celeb favorites that have been spotted (get it?) on everyone from Kim Kardashian to Snooki. For something more fun than ferocious, try the solid glitter designs.

The Verdict: “I love stepping outside beauty boundaries, and wearing this lip tattoo is a fun way to feel unique.”—Paulina

From neon eyeliner to food cleanses, we try the trends and give you the scoop. Read all our Test Drive stories here.

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