Test Drive: Temptu’s Airbrushing System

If you’re anything like me, you’re a fan of the glitz and glam of Hollywood makeovers. Since I basically take notes on flawless, red carpet beauty looks, you can imagine my excitement when I met Samantha Mandor, the owner of the at-home airbrush system Temptu, and got to experience how her magical tool works firsthand.

After performing a demo for me at the Temptu studio, Morton let me take The Deluxe Air Brush Kit—which contains the Temptu airbrush system, foundation, blush, highlighter, and concealer—home for a test drive. Before I got started, I had a few concerns: Could I work the airbrush system into my normal makeup routine? How long would it take to use? Would the makeup appear too heavy for everyday wear?

Luckily, the at-home system didn’t take a minute longer than my normal routine. As a fan of contouring, I was blown away by Tempu's ability to define my features. And since the system is all about layering, it allows you to make the application as heavy or light as you’d like. (Confession: I love the Kardashians, so I went all out.) Needless to say, I’m officially obsessed with my Temptu system. I no longer have to envy celebrities and their professional makeup artists—my Temptu allows me to create similar looks in the comfort of my own home!

Here are a few tips I picked up from my at-home contouring experiment:

1. Make sure to shake the pods before using, allowing for a smooth application.
2. Be sure to start a healthy distance from your face in order to control the intensity of your color.
3. Apply the spray in circular motions.
4. Even though the formula smells great, be sure to close your lips and avoid inhaling when applying around your nose and mouth.
5. Have fun!

Would you ever try at-home airbrushing?

—Deepica Mutyala

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