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10 Plot Points to Remember from Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is known for many things, but slow pacing isn’t one of them—last season in particular. Rob Stark is dead, Jon Snow got shot, the wildlings are coming, Jaime Lannister is a lefty… and we haven’t even mentioned dragons. That may sound like a lot to digest, but don’t fret—here are the ten key plot points you need to remember for an enjoyable Season 4.

1. Arya Stark is on the Warpath

After a long, trying journey with the Hound, Arya Stark finally returned to her family—just in time to see them massacred, and her brother paraded down the street with a wolf for a head. If we had to hazard a guess, her list of enemies just got a whole lot bigger.

2.“Bald Guy” Bolton rules the North

You may not remember his name, but Roose Bolton—Rob Stark’s betrayer and former general—is now Warden of the North, and lawful ruler of Winterfell. Walder Frey, the world’s worst wedding host, is king of the Riverlands (Cat Stark's homeland). All as a thank-you gift from Tywin Lannister. Up is down, black is white.

3. Jon Snow Is Bad at Breakups

Love hurts. Turns out, so do arrows. Jon spent most of Season 3 undercover with the wildlings, but after learning about their impending invasion, he decided to flee his raiding party (and his red-headed lady) to warn his fellow watchmen, and got an arrow for his trouble.

4. Bran Stark is Professor Xavier

Okay, so the proper term is “warg,” but the details remain the same—Bran can control any creature with his mind, including humans, which he demonstrated on a panicking Hodor during a thunderstorm. He continues his journey north to meet the mysterious three-eyed raven, who will hopefully offer some answers.

5. Tyrion Got the Short End of the Stick

Despite losing part of his face while defending King's Landing, Tyrion did not have a good Season 3. He’s caught in a loveless marriage with Sansa Stark, and his relationships with his dad and sister are quickly deteriorating. Expect Season 4 to be more of the same.

6. Joffrey is Engaged

We try our best not to think of King Joffrey, but he’s still a major character, so we have to give him his due. He’s still betrothed to Margaery Tyrell, the daughter of a powerful ally, and their wedding day is fast approaching. Yeah, good luck with that.

7. Jaime Lannister is Home

Having lost a sword-wielding hand, but gained a sword-wielding companion, Jaime Lannister has finally made it back to King’s Landing, and is reunited with his sister. But how have his trials changed him, and to what extent?

8. Theon Greyjoy has a New Name

After losing some key appendages, along with most of his dignity, Theon Greyjoy is still a prisoner of Ramsay Snow, bastard son of “Bald Guy” Bolton. He's also be given a new name, "Reek," which we doubt will be very popular with the ladies. The outlook, quite frankly, is grim, but his axe-wielding sister Yara may still find a way to reclaim him.

9. Stannis Baratheon is Down, but Not Out

After his crushing defeat at the battle of Blackwater, Stannis spent Season 3 licking his wounds. However, he still has plans to be king, and what’s more, he just received word that the White Walkers are approaching the Wall. Whatever comes next, it won’t involve chess.

10. Danaerys Targaryen is a Proper Queen

Over the course of Season 3, little orphan Dany managed to acquire an army, a champion (former Kingsguard Barristan Selmy), and a kingdom, in the form of the slave city Yunkai, which she captured via deception. Oh, and her dragons are growing. We expect great things.

For more cunning insights from the world of Westeros, check out the full Game of Thrones Guide to Grooming.

Photo Credit: HBO

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