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The Best Face Masks For Your Skin

We associate face masks with grade school sleepovers and swanky spas, but they’re also the best way to troubleshoot any skincare woes. (Not to mention the most affordable means of injecting a little luxury into your regimen.) We talked to Kylie Kenna, aesthetician at Chicago's Bliss Spa (and face mask enthusiast) who says that there are face masks for every skin type, season, and lifestyle. Read on to find your match.

Desperately Dry

Flaky skinned folks may be intimidated by the prospect of using masks regularly, conjuring up images of cracked mud formulas that leave skin more parched than ever. But rich masks are more effective than the heaviest moisturizer. Kenna says, “My dull winter skin longs for a mask rich in aloe or hyaluronic acid like Skinceuticals B5 Hydrating gel to bring back lost moisture.” To get rid of flakes, Kenna recommends a gentle enzyme face mask, which dissolves dead skin without any irritation. Rule of thumb: avoid strong enzyme masks and clay or mud masks if your dry skin is very sensitive.

Oil Slick

Speaking of clay and mud masks, these drying options are ideal for oily skin. Kenna says, “Mud and clay masks both draw out impurities and absorb excess oil.” For acne, she likes clay masks like DDF’s Sulfur Therapeutic Mask, which “brings down the redness of monthly cystic blemishes.”

Conflicted Combination

While combination skin can be tricky to care for, Kenna says many face masks work for this skin type because it is so common. She likes sheet masks because, not only are they quick and effective, but since they are one-time-use, you can switch them up frequently to fit your skin needs. Kenna’s personal favorite is Karuna’s Hydrating Mask, because “it stimulates collagen and elastin, and feels wonderfully soothing.” For boosting overall skin health, she loves Bliss’s Steep Clean Mask, which has enzymes that clarify all skin types.


If it’s an emergency mask situation, you can whip up an all-natural salve from ingredients in your fridge. Kenna’s favorite at-home recipe uses just two ingredients: avocado and yogurt. “It’s so simple and so effective! Mix a half of avocado with a tablespoon of yogurt. Smooth on with your hands, enjoy a relaxing bath, and rinse.” Avocado is deeply nourishing, and will leave your skin super soft.

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