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DIY · January 9, 2015

The Birchbox Weekender

Give Chicken Noodle a Break

It's the soupiest season of the yearboth outside (nice to see you again, melting slush) and in our bellies. Branch out from your usual favorites with one of these 29 delicious Asian-inspired soups from Buzzfeed that are full of noodles and wintertime warmth.

Listen to Songs That'll Make You Work Out Harder

It's no secret that everyone and their mother is at the gym this month. And since studies show music makes cardio sessions more enjoyable, make sure you listen to some of Bustle's handpicked jams during your treadmill time. J.Lo, Charli XCX, and Gwen Stefani fans will be pleased.

Pick Up a New Hobby

Move over grandma, there just might be a new knitter in town thanks to these 16 super cute knitting projects from Brit + Co. We have a theory that knitting is the cheapest way to revamp your winter wardrobe, so at the top of our list are the fingerless gloves, a crown headband, and a hipster hat.

Rewind with Tina and Amy

Have they renamed The Golden Globes the Tina and Amy Show yet? Because they totally should. Gear up Sunday's award festivities by reading about the history of comedy's favorite BFFshilarious videos included.

Photo: Bon Appetit


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