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February 6, 2015

The Birchbox Weekender

Emoji-fy Your Mani

If you're like us, emojis are an important part of your self expression (the pink painted fingernails are a Birchbox fave). Which is why we can't wait to try A Beautiful Mess's nail art design that takes your favorite unicode icons from your iPhone to you pointers. Feeling in love? Yeah, there's a heart-eyed smiley face for that.

Make a Meal You'll Enjoy All Weekend

Have you ever ordered a large pizza on Friday night fully knowing you'd eat it cold for lunch the rest of the weekend? (Yeah, neither have we.) Skip the cheese and carbs and whip up a big batch of one of Epicurious' winter lunch-approved soups instead. Sip Friday night through Sunday afternoon for guaranteed coziness.

Make the Most of Second-Day Hair

If you just found out you shouldn't be washing your hair every day, don't panic. The weekend is the perfect time to skip a shampoo session, and Byrdie recently shared styles for the day between washes that go way beyond the totally expected (and boring) bun. First up for us: The double-knotted pony.

Pump Yourself Up for the Grammys

Sunday night is the biggest night in music. Not up on your Top 100? Shape put together a playlist of 10 must-hear songs to hear to before the awards. Listen while you work out, wash the dishes, or walk the dog. Come showtime, you'll know exactly who you're rooting for.

Photo: A Beautiful Mess


Lauren Smith