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February 13, 2015

The Birchbox Weekender

Bake Cookies that Will Make Your Heart "Beet"

You didn't think you'd get through Valentine's Day weekend without some pink and red did you? Skip the chocolate for Domaine's punny, sweet-and-savory V-Day recipes flavored with beets. At the top of our list: These heart-shaped, good-for-you cookies.

Kick Back with a Classic Rom-Com

Is there any better way to spend a weekend than by binge-watching some of Hugh Grant, Adam Sandler, and Bradley Cooper's most swoon-inducing movie roles? Vulture rounded up the 25 best romantic comedies since 1989 and we're more than ready start things up with The Wedding Singer.

Wear the Other Colors of the Year

You already know about marsala, but did you know there are nine more colors of 2015? Take a peek at Pantone's full spectrum of colors on Refinery29featuring earthy shades like Stormy Weather, Dried Herb, and Desert Sage. Then pull out that sweater in Cashmere Rose for brunch to dazzle your friends.

Find Your Next Winter Read

BuzzFeed is basically the black hole for consuming online contentand now it's also your newest librarian. Take their quiz to find out which new book you should pick up next. Our favorite prompt: "Pick a Drew Barrymore character." (Josie Grosie all the way.)

Recipe: Apron Strings


Lauren Smith