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February 20, 2015

The Birchbox Weekender

Drink Your Way to Better Health

Looking for a cocktail that will guard you against a winter cold? This Orange Blood Sidecar Cocktail from Montastic has vitamin C written all over it. It combines the in-season citrus with a red sugar crystal-encrusted rim for sour-sweet goodness that tastes way better than a packet of Emergen-C.

Get Fit with Karlie Kloss

Have they renamed Fashion Week to Karlie Kloss Week yet? (With Kendall Jenner Week coming in for a close second.) This week, Taylor's BFF took a break from the runway to share her warm up and cool down routines with Voguefollow these GIFs for stretches you can do from your living room.

Grab a Seat at the Bar

Chef David Chang makes a convincing case for skipping the reservations and pulling up to the counter for your next night outthere's plenty of elbow room and no pressure to eat a three-course meal. Make sure you check out his tips for an optimal bar experience before cozying up near the bartender.

Cast the Only Oscar Votes that Matter

Who cares about the Best Actress? (With the exception of what she's wearing.) We'll be way too busy obsessing over our favorite curls, lipstick color, and celeb couples. If you're with us, fill out our 2015 Birchbox Oscars Ballot before the show to see if you can guess who wins the prize for Best Fake "I'm Totally Cool with Losing" Face.

Photo: Momtastic


Lauren Smith