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February 27, 2015

The Birchbox Weekender

Rock a NYFW-Inspired Ponytail

Apparently our favorite weekend hairstyle is on trend, because Brit + Co created five one-minute pony tutorials inspired by looks spotted on the catwalk last week. The "posh," side knot, and french twist ponies are at the top of our listAKA Friday after work drinks, Saturday night out at a bar, and Sunday brunch hair perfection.

Rekindle Your Relationship with House of Cards

It was over a year ago that the last season of House of Cards graced our Netflix queue. If you need a refresher course on some of the cast before launching into season three, allow BuzzFeed's ranking of characters from worst to best to assist you on your quest. Did anyone else totally forget Gillian Cole existed?

Pop Some Corn While You Binge Watch

Popcorn and TV marathons go together like peanut butter and chocolate. And thankfully, The Little Things DIY has three gourmet recipes to fit any palate: There's a recipe for those with a sweet tooth (Caramel Peanut Chocolate Chunk), those who prefer something savory (Rosemary Lemon Parmesan), and then something that's just straight up wacky (Chili Garlic Lime).

Put the Great Dress Debate to Rest

If you're like us, The Dress is all you could talk about at the watercooler this morning. Instead of breaking out the boxing mitts to determine the winner, Wired shared the scientific reason behind the white-gold and black-blue debate. Apparently human eyes and brains have evolved to see color in a sunlit world differently. You've gotta read it to believe it.

Photos: Brit + Co


Lauren Smith