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Food · April 3, 2015

The Birchbox Weekender

Turn Your Easter Candy Into a Delicious Cupcake

Theres something about the Cadbury Creme Egg that inspires a fierce sense of loyaltyjust look at the reaction across the pond when the UK company tweaked a few of the ingredients. Even if you are an chocolate purist we have a feeling you are going to want to try making these amazing creme egg cupcakes.

Trick Your Brain into Vacation Mode

Why go get a massage when you can watch a YouTube video of someone guiding you to a state a total relaxation? Welcome to the world of ASMR videos, where soft-spoken YouTube personalities get countless views just for reading the proverbial phonebook. For many people, these videos induce feelings of calmness that mimic the effects of a spa visit. Learn more about the phenomenon at Refinery29 and then spend your weekend relaxing at a "beach-side cabana".

Keep Your Flowers Looking Fresh

Theres nothing like a bouquet of blooms to cheer up a room, but the scene can turn rather depressing when they wilt in a few days. Use these insider tips to keep your artful arrangements looking fresh throughout the weekend and well into the week. Who would have thought that hairspray could be the key to faking a green thumb?

Unplug for Good (Or Just the Weekend)

We feel guilty enough spending our days glued to a screen in the winter, but as the sun comes out it feels downright criminal. This app from In the Moment tracks your cellphone usage, helping you commit to weening yourself from your smartphone dependency once and for all. Heres to many more weekends of IRL fun!

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