The Birchbox Weekender

Since we know how crazy-busy Monday through Friday can be, we’d like to take a little pressure off the stressful question of how to spend this weekend. Here are a few particularly entertaining things we think you’d like to partake in:

Mix Up A Cheery Spring Salad

Spring is in the air and it has us craving iced coffee and garden fresh vegetables. Bid adieu to hearty soups and say hello to snappy salads like this vibrant one from Deliciously Ella made with buckwheat, beans, carrot and topped with pomegranate seeds. Check out her Instagram for even more swoon-worthy food inspiration. Healthy eating never looked so gorgeous.

Read a Novella in a Day

While we love consuming our favorite pop culture news in Twitter-sized bites, sometimes we want to dive in to something a little meatier. Enter the novella, the perfect blend of captivating themes and a digestible page count that you can finish faster than binge-watching a season of Orange is the New Black. Get started with this list of nine classics by female authors.

Pamper Yourself with a Rose Milk Bath

We love all-natural products, but what could be more organic than whipping up your own? This Rose Milk Bath is the perfect treat to luxuriate in this weekend. All you need is some powdered milk, Epsom salts, dried rose petals and rose essential oil. (Just add hot water.)

Cast Your Vote

We are beyond excited to be nominated for the best mobile shopping app for the 18th Annual Webby Awards, which celebrates the very best of all things online. Take a second to cast your vote here and, if you haven’t already, download our app here now!

Photos: Deliciously Ella via Instagram

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