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DIY · April 17, 2015

The Birchbox Weekender

DIY Your Way to Festival Chic

For those of us not jetting off to Coachella this weekend, an Instagram full of festival-perfect fashion can induce a serious case of FOMO. The cure? These amazing, temporary dried-flower tattoos courtesy of Bustle. Pair with a bohemian maxi dress for an outfit that looks just as great around town as it would in the desert.

Share the Kitchen with a Computer

Youd cook with raw fish, but what about raw data? Each recipe in the new cookbook, Cognitive Cooking With Chef Watson, was created by IBMs super computer, Watsondrawn from a large database of information of flavor pairings and nutritional interactionsthen refined by the experts at the Institute of Culinary Education. Head over to Refinery29 to try a few of the surprising concoctions this weekend.

Upgrade Your Cheap Hangers

The changing seasons always makes us itch for a brand new wardrobe. Instead of spending your entire tax return at Zara this weekend, try Remodelista's tutorial for fabric-wrapped hangers. For only $10, they make everything in your closet, especially those wire hangers you have from the dry cleaners, look instantly more chic.

Stretch Out in the Park

A stressful week at the office can take a physical toll on your body. Why not try Self's restorative yoga poses this weekend to relax the body and soothe the mind? Since sunlight and fresh air will bolster the poses revitalizing effects, pair this routine with a brisk walk or head to the park to practice outside.


Lauren Smith