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May 15, 2015

The Birchbox Weekender

Commit to Staying Hydrated this Summer

We all know you should be getting your eight cups a day year-round, but now that its getting hot outside it might be time to rededicate yourself to the cause. If plain water bores you, try filling your bkr bottle with one of these fun fruit infusions from BuzzFeed.

Let Sherlock Introduce You to a Different Literary Classic

If you're counting down the months until the Sherlock Christmas specialseven!consider this an early gift: In a new free audiobook,Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatchs smooth baritone guides you through the nightmarish world of The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafkas most famous story. (And if the tale is too, well, Kafkaesque for your taste, you can still expand your literary horizons through the free online literature courses collected by Openculture.)

Up Your Style for Only Five Bucks

Accessories might make the outfit, but they can also make you broke in the meantime. It doesnt take too much skill, however, to make professional caliber DIYs. Brit + Co shows us how to make a $5 dupe of a $150 necklacethats like scoring a 96.6 percent discount!

Watch the Movies that Swept Cannes

If youre a fan of daring red carpet fashion and foreign movie stars, youre a fan of the Cannes Film Festival. But its easy to forget that Cannes is more than two weeks of fashion funits also the career-launching event for many independent filmmakers. This weekend, Indiewire rounds up winning movies from past years that are streaming for free. Watch these from the comfort of your living roomfancy dress optional.


Lauren Smith