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Fashion · July 24, 2015

The Birchbox Weekender

Sweeten Up Your Standard Pizza Pie

Now you can have your cake (or pie) and eat it too. This sharable and sweet spin on pizza by A Beautiful Mess looks just as good as our usual pepperoni and cheese. Its tasty blend of sugar cookie crust, assorted fruit, and coconut make it one of the prettiest desserts weve ever seen.

Find Your Summer Love (at the Movies)

If you were first in line to catch The Fault in Our Stars, then you'll want to reserve tix to Paper Towns, author John Green's latest novel-turned-movie about teenage love, hitting theaters this Friday. Haven't read the book yet? Check out our giveaway for the chance to relive all your favorite moments on the page.

Indulge Your Emoji Obsession

As if National Emoji Day wasn't enough to feed your smiley face obsession, this week we learned there's a movie in the works staring all your favorite emoji characters (like Sassy Information Lady). Until we have more details, we recommend reading this satirical secret diary of the Dancing Girl emoji. It's okay to snort laughwe definitely did.

Update Your Kicks Collection

If shoe addiction is wrong, after finding Shoes of Preya site that allows you to customize your very own pairwe don't want to be right. Twelve shoe shapes and customizable options down to the strap will have you buildingand rebuildingheels, clogs, and loafers for hours.


Britni Birt

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