The Birchbox Weekender

Since we know how crazy-busy the work week can be, we’d like to take a little pressure off of the stressful question of how to spend this Saturday and Sunday. Here, we clue you in to a few particularly entertaining things we think you’d like partake in. Happy weekend!

Make a Fruit Salad That Won't Go Bad

Is there anything cuter than these pineapple-and strawberry-shaped magnets? To get them on your fridge stat, follow this easy DIY tutorial from Homey Oh My. Even better, this fruit will stay fresh all year long.

Dive Into a New Miniseries

Since most series don't return until October, we're sure you're jonesing for a new TV fix. Until then, satiate yourself with Happy Valley, a crime series import from England that just arrived on Netflix this week. The show follows a hardened police sergeant as she investigates the mysterious and tragic death of her daughter—just the creepy replacement you need now that Breaking Bad and Top of the Lake are gone.

Make Some End-of-Summer Cocktails

With Labor Day just over a week away, we're scrambling to make the most of the most refreshing ingredients before it's too late. Our end-of-season spirit of choice comes in the form of this Watermelon Fizzy Cocktail from The Urban Baker. With lime, basil, seltzer and (if you're in the mood) a splash of vodka, it's the perfect pairing for rooftop unwinding.

Revive Beach-Battered Hair

For those of you who've spent this summer bouncing between the beach and pool, throw your hair a life line this weekend in the form of an at-home hair mask. We're loving the simplicity of this DIY whipped avocado version on Back to Her Roots, which combines the green stuff with honey and olive oil for a hydrating (and edible!) treat.

Photo: Homey Oh My

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