The Birchbox Weekender

Since we know how crazy-busy the work week can be, we’d like to take a little pressure off of the stressful question of how to spend this Saturday and Sunday. Here, we clue you in to a few particularly entertaining things we think you’d like partake in. Happy weekend!

Hack Your Diet With Healthy Ice Cream

This cashew coconut banana ice cream with chia seed pudding and blueberries from Nad's Healthy Kitchen is just as easy to make as your regular smoothie. And it's so good for you, we'd consider eating it for breakfast.

Craft Some Faux Blooms

Hosting a late summer fete? Impress your guests by decorating with these pretty DIY paper flower garlands. Tutorial courtesy of yours truly. Looking for other party ideas? Check out our new entertaining video for recipes and inspiration.

Make Your Nails More Appetizing

Try your hand at turning your nails into a ice cream cone good enough to eat with this tutorial from Pampadour. Even if you only paint one on your thumb, polish the rest of your fingertips with sprinkle-inspired shades and everyone will still be impressed.

Watch Out For The Fins

Sadly, the end of Shark Week is near. Soak up the last of the terrifying sea creatures from the comfort of your living room, but don't let the nightmarish stories prevent you from enjoying the rest of your summer swims.

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