The Fairer Recs: Hand Cream

We're lucky enough to be surrounded every day by the women of Birchbox. Beyond their keen eye for detail and great taste, they're also science nerds who can teach us a whole lot about products we never knew we couldn't live without. Today’s edition: hand cream.

You're skeptical of: Hand Cream

Why it will change your life: If you have aspirations of holding anyone’s hand (cue the Beatles) you’ll want to make sure your skin is in good shape. We know you’re rugged—you don’t have to prove it with sandpaper-textured palms and cracked cuticles. (Dad, I’m talking to you.) Hand creams are a fairly simple concept but not all formulas are created equally. You’ll want one that absorbs quickly without any residual greasiness, and has natural healing ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E. Apply hand cream after you wash your hands since soap and water can dry out your skin. Don’t worry—there are plenty of unscented options.

One to keep in your medicine cabinet: Nuxe Rêve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream. Honey is good for more than your morning yogurt—it also softens even the roughest hands. Nuxe’s formula also has naturally moisturizing argan oil and shea butter, plus plenty of vitamin E.

One to keep out in the open: AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream. This light cream is made with pure Dead Sea minerals that sink into skin and help restore moisture levels. If you have particularly desiccated hands, this is the one for you.

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