The Green Beauty Brand You Need to Know: W3LL PEOPLE

I've always been hesitant to switch to natural makeup (I liken it to the time I tried natural deodorant—not a success). But beauty brand W3LL PEOPLE has me seeing things differently. The all-natural makeup line has a host of high-performance products, from mineral powders to my new fave, an incredible cream blush stick. And they're not just good green products—they're good products, period. The secret to the brand's success lies entirely in the diversity of its three founders: Shirley Pinkson, Reneé Snyder M.D., and James Walker. Pinkson is a makeup artist with 10 years of experience at NARS, Snyder is an ingredient-savvy cosmetic dermatologist, and Walker is an environmentalist and marketing specialist. While I could wax poetic about what makes W3LL PEOPLE so special, I think it's better to hear straight from the source. Here's what the trio had to say about their ingredients, new launches, and how you actually pronounce their name.

What motivated you to found W3LL PEOPLE?
As long-time friends who went to school at the University of Texas in the '80s, we were being mindful about the food we ate long before organic was even cool. But back then, we didn’t think to apply the same ingredient paradigm to other areas of our lives, like personal care. It wasn’t until years later that we realized what we were putting on our skin can be quite harmful. Based on the synergy of our professional backgrounds, and that we’re best friends, we decided to embark on a mission to change the face of makeup for good.

How do you pronounce W3LL PEOPLE?
Well People. We chose a name that communicates the culture of wellness we want to create—and how we want to look fabulous doing it.

What's your best selling product?
The Universalist ColorStick. The name says it all—this little magic stick creates some seriously radiant color on the go, anywhere you want it, instantly.

When it comes to ingredients, what's your philosophy?
W3LL PEOPLE products are free from cruelty, harsh artificial chemicals, fragrances, preservatives, GMOs, nanoparticles, bismuth oxycloride, pthalates, sulfates, and petroleums. The superstar ingredient found in all of our products is organic aloe. Known for its hydrating, healing, and anti-aging qualities, aloe not only delivers nourishing protection to the skin, it also gives our products a flawless, creamy smooth finish.

What's next for W3LL PEOPLE?
This April, we will introduce the kind of true high-performance mascara that one would expect from our trailblazing beauty dream team. You want length, you want volume, and you don’t want crappy chemicals. We get it. Our Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara will deliver!

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