The Hacks of Life

There’s a “hack” for just about everything these days. From how to make the most out of Ikea furniture to improving your workday the Internet is overloaded with clever shortcuts to save time, space, and money. To save you even more time, we cherrypicked some of the most valuable ones.

Hack Your Home

The geniuses at Apartment Therapy never fail to wow us with their organizing tricks and easy DIY projects, like bringing a 60 year-old chair back to life. If you’re having trouble squeezing your stuff into a tiny home, try some of these space-saving shortcuts from Small Apartment Hacks author Jenna Mahoney.

Hack Your Closet

From a pantry-sourced suede cleaner to a makeshift iron, Who What Wear offers some of the most useful quick style fixes we’ve ever read.

Hack Your Lunch

Did you know you can get a quesadilla from Chiptole? Or a Thin Mint Frappaccino from Starbucks? Neither did we. Unlock the secrets of your favorite chain restaurants at Hack the Menu.

Hack Your Vacation

Before you hit the road, consider some of these MacGuyver-esque packing tricks (roll your clothes to maximize suitcase space!) And since no one knows how to travel better than flight attendants, check out these in-air beauty tips from a veteran of the skies.

Hack Your Computer (No, Not That Way)

Even though we’re on our computers 24/7, we have a sneaking suspicion that we’re still not using them as efficiently as we could be. Consult this list of useful “Mac Hacks” for tips like dimming your screen to save battery life (brilliant.)

Hack Your Beauty Products

Of course, we have a few tricks up our sleeve too. Check out our advice for extending the shelf life of your favorite products. Watch this video to learn three simple DIY ways to organize your vanity. We even have some tips for hacking your Birchbox.

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