The Mediterranean Recipe for Shiny, Healthy Hair

Many of my colleagues in Birchbox’s London and Paris offices travel to our New York headquarters for meetings. But somehow those of us in the Spanish office always end up staying in Barcelona—our New York coworkers volunteer to come to us. I’m starting to suspect that has something to do with our food. Americans are quite enamored of the Mediterranean diet, and fill up on lots of fresh veggies, olive oil, and wine whenever they’re in town. I can’t blame them!

Someone else who embraced the Mediterranean diet: Irene Taus, who founded one of our latest discoveries, Keims. The natural brand (keims means “sprouts” in German) began when Taus realized the exquisite olive oil her husband’s family produced was an ideal ingredient for beauty products (and far preferable to synthetic ingredients like parabens). Taking olive oil as a jumping-off point, Taus set off in search of other equally powerful natural ingredients to use in her new (affordable) line—which we’re now bringing to you all the way from Spain!

One of my personal favorites: Keims Cleanshine & Energizing shampoo, which includes peppermint to refresh your scalp and fortify hair fibers. The lightweight formula is especially good for fine strands, acting like an energy shot for dull hair, while macadamia nut oil adds softness and silk proteins give a glossy shine. And like any good Mediterranean dish, the formula contains superhealthy fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6.

After a loooong and cold winter, this shampoo makes my hair feel like it’s positively blooming with the advent of spring!

Cristina Diaz, Birchbox Spain Editor

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