The New (Caffeinated) Way to Exfoliate

A few years ago, on a trip to Colombia, a friend convinced me to try an exfoliating treatment at a Bogota spa with—wait for it—coffee grounds. Afterwards, my skin felt buttery smooth and totally energized, like it had just consumed a double espresso.

Ever since then, I’ve been searching for a product that would replicate that soft yet invigorated feeling. Finally, I found it in Nyakio’s Kenyan Coffee Face Polish (which just so happens to be sampled in some of your April boxes!)

This polish isn’t made with any old can of Folgers—the beans are sourced from Kenya, where the Nyakio founder’s family hails from. Her grandmother lived on a sustainable coffee farm, and she would regularly apply grounds with a sugarcane rod to soften her skin. Seeing the incredible results, Nyakio wanted to (quite literally) bottle it.

She also went a step further by modernizing the formula, combining coffee with other good-for-you African ingredients like neroli oil (which softens), sunflower seed oil (which moisturizes) and macadamia seed oil (which helps hydrate.)

After this harsh winter, my skin has been in desperate need of major exfoliation—especially my wind-chilled face. So I eagerly (but gently) massaged the polish over my cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. Unlike other rough exfoliators I’ve tried, the texture was velvety and rinsed off easily. I'd say the scent was closer to a latte than a dark roast.

Afterwards, my face felt exponentially smoother and brighter—and I (almost) felt like I could skip my morning dose of caffeine.

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