The Nose Has It: Florists Weigh In on Our Favorite Scents

Florists have an eye for visual pairings. They know how to arrange show-stopping dahlias and peonies with soft and wispy elements, like lambs ear or clematis. That respect for balance extends as well to their nose for fragrance. We asked a handful of top-notch floral designers to lend us their finely honed sense of smell for a day—and give us their notes on a few of our favorite scents.

Florist: Sarah Brysk Cohen, Blossom + Branch

Fragrance: Atelier Orange Sanguine
Dominant notes: Clementine or blood orange and other soft, sweet citrus notes, along with an almost effervescent champagne base.
When you’d wear it: Late winter/early spring. Fresh, fruity fragrances are a bit unexpected during this time of year, and this fragrance could really cheer the spirit during months of cold, snow, and gloom.
What it makes you think of: Mock orange blooming branches, which have deep green waxy leaves with a grassy scent and delicate white blossoms that smell like a freshly peeled clementine dusted in powdered sugar.

Florist: Michael George, Michael George Flowers

Fragrance: Harvey Prince Ageless
Dominant notes: A wonderful lingering jasmine scent. An air dégagé [free and easy, nonchalant], as the French say.
When you’d wear it: Evening. This powdery, sexy scent is best smelled in the dark.
What it makes you think of: Jasmine-scented air. Midnight and ocean.

Florist: Meredith Perez, Belle Fleur

Fragrance: Folle de Joie
Dominant notes: The fresh scent of kumquats picked right from the tree. There are delicate and quiet white floral notes, such as lily, that soften the invigorating citrus notes. A hint of sugary honeysuckle and orange blossom adds a shimmery, youthful, and flirty sensation to this fragrance.
When you’d wear it: Late spring and throughout the summer. Or as a mist on the bed sheets for a relaxing nap in the mid-afternoon.
What it makes you think of: Capri. French buckets of garden roses and peonies. The white linen Calypso St. Barth shirts that I wear at the shop—timeless and understated, yet elegant and fresh.

Florist: Sarah Corrigan, Elan Flowers

Fragrance: Isaac Mizrahi Fabulous
Dominant notes: It starts off with a very citrusy scent, then matures into notes of floral—white flowers to be precise.
When you’d wear it: Summer, during the day.
What it makes you think of: Lemon verbena, a summer loving flower that’s informal, simple, and fleeting.

Photo: Blossom + Branch

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