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Makeup · June 26, 2015

The Tig's Summer Beauty Hacks

So heres the thingI had never heard of beauty hacks. It was a term so lost on me, much like on fleek. Maybe Im not hip enough to wrap my head around these cool kid things, or maybe Im just living under a rock. Im gonna go with the former. But when my friend and beauty savant, Deepica Mutyala, started to gain global beauty hack street cred for applying red lipstick under her eyes (evidently it eliminates dark under eye circles), I knew I had to get with the times. A beauty hack is a trick or tip that repurposes a product for something else (i.e. a lipstick as a concealer)and ends up saving you beaucoup dargent.

Im all about a good beauty hack," says Deepica. "Anything that makes life simpler, more efficient, and cost-effective is right up my alley, especially when its hot out! This summer is all about 'barely there' makeup with pops of color. Here are five of my favorite hacks to keep your makeup routine on trend with minimal effort. Here, Deepica serves up her best hacks so that you can be on fleek. (Ha! Had to try.)

1. Illuminated Skin

Use the lighter shades in your existing eye shadow palettes to make your face glow. Apply on cheekbones, under brows, above bow of lip, and corner of the eye.

2. Stained Lips

Berry-bitten lips (think: the stain that comes from popsicles) is a big color for spring and summer. This can also be achieved by rubbing any berries or cherries you have on your lips.

3. Flushed Cheeks

You can do the same berry trick or use lipstick you love and gently dab on cheeks with your fingers for a pinch of color.

4. Dewy, Glossy Eyes

Vaseline (or coconut oil) gives this look. Mix in a loose shimmer shadow for a slight pop.

5. High Shine Brows

Instead of the bold brow look that was big last season, spring/summer is more about a softer look (even bleached!). Using a shimmery eyeliner or eyeshadow, lightly go over brows to give a subtle refinement.

Bonus: Faux Freckles

This is being considered a new beauty accessory. You can easily draw these on with your eyeliner or brow pencil.

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