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Hair · May 11, 2015

4 Styling Hacks for Girls With Thick Hair

Split Updos Into Sections to Keep Them Steady

Thick, heavy hair often means updos fall out within minutes. Hairstylist-turned-vlogger Lianne Lin has devised an elegant French twist that wont unravel, no matter how hard you shake your head. The trick is sectioning off a top portion to create a second twist, splitting the weight of your hair. Teasing the top part with a brush like Spornette Little Wonder and a healthy serving of hairspray will give your hair grip and your twist staying power.

Double Up for Pain-Free Ponytails

Vlogger Eva Chung knows firsthand the challenge course hair pose to high ponies. Here, she puts a few of her favorite hacks into practice with a voluminous ponytail that wont give you a headache after an hour. First, double up your elastics for extra support. After securing your hair, use your finger to create a hole just above the elastics, and flip your pony under and through the loop to prop your hair up in place. If your pony still feels too heavy, leave a front portion of hair free while you secure the back, then twist and pin the front pieces to meet up with your pony.

Try Bobby Pins Instead to Ease Tension

You can also skip elastics altogether, which can start to strain after hours of wear and instead use pins to fake a ponytail. Vlogger Abby Smith creates hers in under three minutes by dividing her hair into three sections, twisting each inward, and pinning it in place at the nape of the neck. When securing thick hair, swap regular bobby pins for stronger U-shaped pins that can handle much more hair without getting bent out of shape. Pin them in the direction you want your hair to sit, then push them upward to hold.

Cut Down on Curling Time by Downsizing Your Iron

If curling your hair means you need to block out an hour in your schedule, try vlogger Mimi Ikonns trick: Instead of using a large barrel curling iron or wand for your hefty hair, pick a small one (try 1-inch or thinner, like Sedus Clipless Iron) and wrap large sections of hair around it. Carefully allow each section to cool so the shape setsa must with thick hairthen use your fingers to comb through each section. In just 10-15 minutes, youll have waves that look like they took almost four times as long to create.


Erica Smith