This Career Matchmaking Test is Everything Your Guidance Counselor Wasn’t

If you're considering a career change (or perhaps you just graduated), this data-driven job quiz can help fulfill your destiny, and provide ample workday procrastination.

Behold, the Rasmussen College's career aptitude test! This won't put any guidance counselors out of a job any time soon, but it will give you the straight talk about what your skills, interests, and education can command in the professional marketplace. And it's fiendishly simple: Just input your self-diagnosed skill set, and then refine your search with filters like salary and education.

There are a few unfortunate limitations: You're responsible for figuring out how "artistic," "interpersonal," or "mechanical" you are. So think back long and hard to the nightmare of high school calculus before you max out your "mathematical" skills.

Alternatively, skip the test altogether and just ask yourself what Bill Murray would do. Tough to go wrong there.

h/t LifeHacker for bringing this to our attention.

Image: Rasmussen College

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