This Video Confirms that Looking Good Can Lead to Feeling Good

The old adage goes, Never judge a book by its cover. And while we all know appearances aren’t everything, this new video from charity organization Degage Ministries displays how taking pride in your appearance can have a powerful effect on the rest of your life.

The video features Jim Wolf, a US veteran who, since returning home from duty, has struggled with everything from substance abuse to homelessness. We watch in fast-forward as he transforms from looking disheveled and down-on-his-luck to clean cut and smiling, all with the help of a simple haircut, shave, and wardrobe change.

After seeing the possibility of his physical transformation, Wolf was able to begin making changes to the rest of his life. As the video mentions, since the taping he has been able to secure a home for himself and his tackling his alcohol issues head-on.

It’s a feel-good reminder that the person whose opinion matters most is the one looking back at you in the mirror.

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