Birchbox Crush: Timo Weiland

If you were to chart the cool-factor of the Manhattan fashion scene, right at the epicenter of total ‘It’-dom is where you’d find the Timo Weiland brand. Started in 2009 by Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein as a collection of unisex neckwear, the line has since expanded to both men’s and women’s ready-to-wear — and amassed a cult following of editors, socialites, and celebrities along the way. In a rare moment of downtime, we caught up with the brand’s namesake about his love for La Mer, his totally hip hair joint, and his plans for global expansion.

Daily Routine

It takes me a while to wake up in the morning because things are consistently crazy and I don’t go to bed until 1AM these days. When I do get around to grooming, I don’t take much time, I usually just shower, towel dry my hair, put on my Kiehl’s moisturizer, and head out the door.

A Cut Above

I enjoy getting my hair cut at New York’s Freeman's Sporting Club. It’s like a classic barber, but not too old-fashioned or kitschy. It’s a gorgeous place and the people that work there are so nice and have great style.


ODIN New York fragrances. They are really phenomenal and very rugged. I like their 02 Owari scent, which is so nice and musky.

Splurge Urge

My biggest splurge is my La Mer cream, which I only use sporadically because it’s expensive. I mostly just use it when I feel worn out and need something extra moisturizing for my skin.

Surf’s Up

When I have an unusual spurt of spare time, I will rush (via the subway) to Rockaway to surf for at least two to three hours, usually in the early morning.

What’s Next

As far as next season, the look will be less sweet. There will also be more tailored elements. The line will always be fun and pretty, but we’re gravitating towards a cooler, younger girl. In the past, we’ve done older-feeling pieces and there will be nothing old about the next collection.

Grand Plans

Eventually, I see Timo Weiland as a worldwide brand and business. Our main focus will remain ready-to-wear, but in the next two to three years we will be looking to expand into accessories. We will want to launch that part of the business properly and have those pieces be really luxurious, like nice Italian leather goods.

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