How a Resistance Band Can Transform Any Hotel Room into a Home Gym

This small and lightweight addition to your carry-on is a simple solution to staying fit on the road.

We’re always thinking about how to streamline our workouts—and make them more travel-friendly. Our latest discovery is a life-saver in the business-trip-means-back-to-back-steak-dinner department: the simple, elegant (and totally savage) resistance band.

It’s easy to go for a run anywhere, sure, but strength training is another story. That’s why a resistance band is so awesome. They’re inexpensive, they travel well, and there are dozens of workouts you can do with just one, from woodchoppers and squats to curls and push-ups. Our friends over at Greatist have a sweet list of 33 different exercises you can do anywhere. Because at least one of those steak dinners on the road is non-negotiable.

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