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Pop Culture · January 29, 2015

A Treadmill Desk May Actually Make You Smarter

We dont need to tell you that a desk job is a silent, sedentary killer, and that going to the gym just isnt enough. While treadmill desks are gaining popularity for their weight- and fitness-related virtues, many individuals (points to self) are deterred by the potential distraction: How do you crunch numbers or craft pitches without stumbling over your own feet?

According to a recent study in Canada, walking wont impede focusin fact, it could improve it. When tasked with reading a document and fielding sporadic emails, all while walking at a speed of 1.4 miles per hour, participants performed 35% better on a follow-up quiz than those who were sitting. What's more, electroencephalography (EEG) tests on each participant even revealed increases in the brain activity associated with memory.

Researchers point out that this is helpful knowledge when structuring your workday: Since you likely wont walk straight from 9-to-5, you can determine which tasks are best matched with physical activity. Maybe brainstorming benefits from extra movement, while firing off emails requires sit-down time.

As in all healthy endeavors, youve got to be realistic: If a major piece of workout equipment isnt in HRs budget, arrange for walking meetings whenever you can. Based on these recent findings, you may not even need to take notes.

h/t Fast Company

Image Credit: Business Insider


Kate Canary