Twice Daily: Unlocking the Secret to Proper Cleansing

Grooming experts maintain that most men should wash their faces twice daily: Once in the morning, and once at night. However, while this edict remains one of the most crucial grooming commandments, it’s also one of the hardest to follow. So what would persuade a slipshod groomer to take the bi-daily plunge? In the case of one BB Man editor, the answer might surprise you.

On paper, my daily grooming regimen is fairly robust, so two daily face washes shouldn’t pose much of a challenge. However, while I do start my day with a gentle preshave scrub, an evening follow-up is admittedly rare. Poor discipline aside, I place most of the blame on my lack an evening routine: Whether I’m working late, hitting the gym, or stopping by a whiskey joint, I rarely end my night at the edge of a sink, face wash at the ready.

That said, it’s surprising how much a few simple details can change your perspective. In my case, I can thank Ernest Supplies Gel Face Wash for the paradigm shift. While this cleanser touts a natural, soap-free formula, my captivation stemmed from an unlikely (and often underrated) source: The packaging. Ernest Supplies designed its products to resemble military beverage pouches, which are both highly efficient and endlessly portable. When I took the face wash for a test run, I idly stuck it in my pocket, and was surprised to find that it felt… rather natural. In fact, its slim profile was thinner than my wallet.

Equipped with a go-anywhere face wash, I’ve found a second daily cleanse much more attainable. For one, I now bring it to the gym, and sneak it into my post-workout shower. Each pouch clocks in at 3 oz., making it perfect for a quick airport refresher, and the all-natural formula means I can feel good about bringing it on my next backwoods camping trip. I’m not claiming that my routine will never again be broken (after all, whiskey joints happen), but with a face wash this nimble, I have much less of an excuse.

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