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Grooming · June 29, 2015

Mustache Styles: 6 Types of Mustaches You Should Consider

The Chevron Mustache


Characteristics: A thick, full mustache that partially covers the top lip.

Difficulty: Easy. The Chevron is on the bushier side, and only requires light trimming.

The English Mustache


Characteristics: Has longer hairs, and is parted at the middle of the philtrum (thats the divot that forms at the center of your upper lip).

Difficulty: Intermediate. Requires more growth time, and extra precision while trimming, especially inside the philtrum.

The Handlebar Mustache


Characteristics: Curls upward at both ends with the aid of styling wax.

Difficulty: Advanced. This is for the mustache master who has plenty of time for styling.

The Horseshoe Mustache


Characteristics: Appropriately named for its horseshoe shape. Looks like a goatee with the bottom center shaved out.

Difficulty: Easy to grow, difficult to pull off.

The Pencil Mustache


Characteristics: Lines the upper lip, and is trimmed very thin (like a pencil).

Difficulty: Advanced. This takes careful, frequent trimming, and is hard to pull off without looking like a henchman.

The Walrus Mustache


Characteristics Bushy, like a walrus of course. Slightly more overgrown and rounded than the Chevron. Sometimes so thick that it covers the whole mouth.

Difficulty: Intermediate. Doesnt require much trimming, but a lot of guys facial hair is too sparse to make this work.

Photo credits, from top: Universal, Warner Bros., Miramax, Twentieth Century Fox, Getty Images, Penguin Books

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