Vanity Chronicles: Linda Aldredge

Linda Aldredge has never lost touch with her inner kid. The founder of eco-chic brand Lulu Organics lives part-time in a treehouse of her own design in New York’s Catskills. The idea for the unconventional escape came about late one night after Aldredge and one of her friends had (admittedly) had a bit to drink. “I’m pretty sure she was thinking a sleeping platform with a canvas roof,” says Aldredge, “but I started to research treehouse architecture and my imagination took off.”That doesn’t mean Aldredge is content to go bare-faced in the wilderness. The fresh-faced beauty showed us the hardworking products that travel with her wherever she goes.

Dermalogica Ultra Sensitive Faceblock SPF25: Almost all sunscreens make my skin break out, but Dermalogica’s sunscreen is a godsend. It's tinted so it acts like a light foundation—double plus!

Aubrey Organics Sea Buckthorn Moisturizing Cream: This herbal moisturizer is perfect for red, sensitive, or rosacea-prone skin. It saves my complexion on a daily basis.

Aubrey Organics Rose Hip Oil: I have to confess the only product that’s given me visible effects is rose hip oil. I put it on fine lines before bed, and I'll mix it with my concealer if my face is really dry.

Dr. Hauschka Concealer: I try to avoid cosmetics that are full of mineral oil, chemicals, and preservatives. Thank god for Dr. Hauschka and their thoughtfully formulated concealer.

Dianne Brill Eye Pencil: My biggest gripe with most eye pencils is that they wear off way too fast. But Dianne Bull's liner is practically chisel-proof. It goes on wet and gives you the precision of liquid liner with the ease of a pencil.

Face Stockholm Black Matte Shadow: I’m a smoky eye fanatic, and this is the blackest, chalkiest shadow around. It has a lightweight feel and makes your eyes look shockingly saturated.

Dr. Hauschka Black Mascara: I’ve had a lifelong love affair with mascara, but as I get older I want more natural-looking effects. Dr. Hauschka’s mascara is light and subtle, and it stays wet longer so I can brush and shape it.

Lulu Organics Cardamom Lip Balm: I’m fanatical about lip balm, and this is my go-to. I slaved for over a year to make a formula that doesn’t make your lips feel chapped after it wore off. I love the minty cardamom scent.

Eco Tools Bamboo Powder Brush: I use this bamboo brush to apply a light powder on my skin every day. The synthetic taklon bristles are super-soft and cruelty-free.

Tweezerman Tweezers: I'm Sicilian, and good tweezers are a must. These trusty Tweezermans always do the trick.

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