Videos of the Month: 3 Ways to Fix Static-Ridden Hair

Despite being one of our favorite perks of cold weather, we have to admit there there are a few downsides to donning a cute winter hat. Truth is, your cozy buddy can create some not-so-cute hat hair and enough static to leave you looking like you spent the day cuddling with a balloon. But wherever there is a problem, there is always a solution. We looked to YouTube to find these three techniques that will help you avoid all your winter hat-hair troubles. Stay warm!

Laundry products may not be the first things that come to mind when you think beauty, but Brittany from MissyBritty’s tutorial shows us how dryer sheets make static disappear in a flash. Added bonus? They leave your winter accessories smelling nice and fresh!

Another unexpected multi-tasker is hand lotion. User Braidedhairstyles demonstrates how any lotion can tame your static and frizz while adding extra polish and shine.

Finally, SignatureStyles showcases an oldie but a goodie: hairspray. A strong hold spray and your go-to brush can help put you back in control by keeping hair sleek and in-place.

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