Videos of the Month: Crazy Eyeliner Application Tips

As avid makeup experimenters, we know that it can take a while to master application. And this is especially true when it comes to eyeliner. While we've already found some great tips—whether it's technique or how to achieve a specific style—there is always room to learn more (thanks,YouTube!). Here are three very unique eyeliner tricks that will take your routine out of the ordinary:

Inspired by the film that is often left on the inside of an eyelash curler, gossmakeupartist had the brilliant idea to just draw your liner directly onto the tool. Not only do you get a clean line, but you also combine curling and lining into one easy step.

Colette Banks's trick throws office supplies into the mix. By placing a piece of tape as the guide for your eyeliner you can trace the perfect wing and just peel away the mess. Just be careful to keep your eyelashes off of the tape!

The Little Mermaid may have used a fork as a brush, but a spoon as a guide for your eyeliner? MissMae144 proves how handy the utensil can be. Using the handle and the curve of the spoon allows you get the wing of your dreams. Who would've thought?

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