Videos of the Month: Kitchen Cabinet Beauty Tips

We'll be honest, this brutal winter has forced us to get creative in order to avoid cabin fever. So in an effort to change things up, we decided to close our makeup bags and open our kitchen cabinets in search of edible staples that moonlight as beauty products. With a little help from the gurus of YouTube, we've discovered three multitasking household items that can easily transition from your favorite recipes to your daily beauty routine.

When life hands you lemons you can make so much more than lemonade with these five beauty tips from Lizzie Jean. Did you know that lemon has major stain fighting powers and can help clean up your nails and teeth?

Olive oil adds flavor to your salads and veggies, and as Allison from amarixe shows us in her DIY video, you can also use it remove your makeup or even to treat and hydrate your hair.

Similar to olive oil, coconut oil has a number of moisturizing benefits. Rachel from CheckInTheMirror demonstrates five ways to use coconut oil, from body moisturizer to a sweet addition to your daily cup of tea.


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