Wake Up, Beauty Lovers!

The morning routines of our favorite product-blazing entrepreneurs.

sterling andrews

Sterling Andrews:

Founder and CEO of FAUX

Wake up Call

I am up at 7am daily without an alarm, and cannot sleep in on the weekends. I check emails from my phone in bed when I get up and give myself a mental schedule of my day. Most important is coffee. I am coffee-obsessed and only drink fancy overpriced beans.

Beauty Routine

A few times a week I squeeze in a relaxing candlelit bath. This is my zen time. I have coffee in hand, and usually read a gourmet foodie or celebrity trash magazine. I love to do a facial mask with Kiehl's Rare Earth Clay Mask and a body scrub using fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish. Plus fresh Sugar Lemon bubble bath!

anthony sosnick

Anthony Sosnick:

Founder and CEO of Anthony Logistics

Wake up Call

I’m up around 6:30am before the alarm goes off and read the news on my iPhone. I read the Huffington Post, WWD, CNN and the WSJ every morning before I get out of bed. Then, I get my boys up for school, dress them, make sure they eat breakfast, and take them to the school bus.

Beauty Routine

Depending on the season, I wash my face with either Anthony Logistics Action Foaming Face Wash or the Algae Facial Cleanser. A couple of times a week I use the Action Face Scrub followed by the Action 2+1 Shave Cream. Sometimes for a deeper scrub I use the Anthony Sport Facial Scrub. I finish with the Logistics Oil-Free Facial Lotion and Continuous Moisture Eye Cream.

lisa price

Lisa Price:

Founder and CEO of Carol’s Daughter

Wake up Call

I am NEVER out of bed before the alarm. I drive my husband crazy because I set the alarm long before I have to get up so that I can hit the snooze a million times, and he still has to tell me to get up.

I check the status of the children, make coffee, take vitamins, do cardio for 30-45 minutes, and assist in getting the boys out the door with lunch and breakfast. I make myself a protein shake and take a shower while I get my daughter up and ready for school. Give her breakfast. Finally, I’ll get dressed and do my makeup.

Beauty Routine

I use Carol's Daughter Bring in the Moisture Face Wash, followed by an oil I make for myself for my face. Then, depending on the weather and my skin, I use Carol's Daughter Face Butter or Bring In The Moisture Face Lotion. I have dry skin so butters and oils are my friends.

I wear my hair curly 97 percent of the time and I define my curls every morning with Carol's Daughter Hair Milk. Typically, my hair gets slightly damp in the shower and I just scrunch the Hair Milk through my hair. If time and weather permits, I air dry; if not, I blow-dry with a diffuser.

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