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April 17, 2019

We Asked 8 Women Entrepreneurs For Their Best Advice

1. Laura Geller, Founder of Laura Geller New York

Its interestingyou never stop learning. Just when you think youve reached the height of your career, just when you think youve been there long enough and everything that could happen has happened; no. Theres a lesson. Everythings changing constantly. You have to evolve or you have to say: Okay, Im going to be true to myself and this is where Im at. Im going to do the best I can with what I have, and be comfortable with that.

2. Liraz Birnbaum, Founder and CEO of Lulas Garden

Stay true to what your core inspiration is. Dont lose your vision for the company. Its easy to get lost. There are a lot of beautiful companies out there, some of them look more successful. But stay true to what you believe in and what you believe your company represents.

3. Tamara Mayne, Owner and Creative Director, Brooklyn Candle Studio

It was definitely very daunting. I had this great job; it was kind of my dream job. But I always wanted to own my own business, and have more ownership and freedom. Then I got an order for a thousand candles and I realized that if I could get that then I could make it on my own."

4. Sarah Potempa, CEO and Inventor of The Beachwaver

We never thought it wasnt possible. My favorite quote has always been, Leap and the net will appear. Just go for it. See what can happen.

5. Melissa Ben-Ishay, President and Chief Product Officer at Baked by Melissa

Surround yourself with people who can do things that you cant do. Being able to recognize your strengths, but more importantly your weaknesses, is essential to growing.

6. Michelle Cordeiro Grant, Founder & CEO, Lively

I grew up in a world where success equalled doctor, lawyer, or banker. But I fell in love with the world of fashion and the idea of creating things from concept to customer. I decided to say: 'Im going to follow passion versus [this idea of] success'.

7. Theresa Williams, [Celsious] (

Being a part of a community, and also different communities, has been the most rewarding part (aside from building a great experience for our customers). Building these connections with other female founders, with people of color, with people who are passionate about sustainability, thats really whats driving us to keep going.

8. Beau Wangtrakuldee, Founder of Amor Sui

Its taken baby steps for me to feel confident enough to know this is something that can be a real business.


Kate Bartick