We Tried It: Eyebrow Threading at Ziba Beauty

“As painless as possible.” That is how one of our trusty Birchbloggers described getting her eyebrows threaded at one of Ziba Beauty’s salons. Not typically the words used when getting your brows groomed. But then again, we didn’t send them to just any old threading place. The founder’s family was the first to bring the Indian tradition to the West, so the people at Ziba know what they’re doing.

Beyond threading, the company has a line of eye makeup essentials called Sumita Beauty including brow pencils, shadow, mascara, and liners, including the Color Contrast liner that our subscribers received in their April boxes. Curious to see the brows masters in action, we invited some of our West Coast Birchbloggers (Ziba salons are mainly in Southern California) to test out the threading. Here’s what they had to say:

“I have the worst eyebrows. They are wiry and crazy and the hairs grow with a kink in them. I am horrible at maintenance as well, so that certainly doesn't help. My threader was nice, efficient, and asked me a few times if I was okay. She made it as painless as possible. The results were wonderful! She shaped them beautifully and showed me how to fill them in a little with an eyebrow crayon. They looked so nice I was sad it was a weekday evening and no one would see them.”
– Allison, Dentista Fashionista

“We had a chat about my preference for an arch, not too thin and we were off. My gal expertly wrapped thread in her hands and went to work. She was quick and done in a few minutes. Zip, zip, zip. Gone. The pros are that you can’t get burned, there is more precision, barely-there hairs are just as easy to remove, and the post-[threading] sting goes away by the time you walk out.”
– Tracy, Serendipity in Motion

“The whole threading procedure only took less than 10 minutes (probably 5 minutes at most) and never had I felt so amazing! I love the transformation of my eyebrows! I cannot stop staring how it changed my eye area. In between my brow maintenance, I would still tweeze the small stray hairs, but definitely going to have them threaded every two weeks.”
– Teresa, The Beauty Holicbella

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