Wednesday Selects

Monday seems more ancient than the Backstreet Boys' debut album yet the weekend is light-years away. To help you beat the mid-week blues, we’re spotlighting the beauty goods that are helping us get through the week with our skin, style, and sanity intact. Happy hump day!

Miss Jessie's® Original Leave-In Condish

Consider this curl-taming leave-in conditioner a relaxing spa vacay for your overworked locks. It’s made with gentle ingredients like soybean and pumpkin seed extracts to add shine and promote Rapunzel-like hair growth. Besides, how fun is it to say, “Condish”?

Richer Poorer Women's Socks

Socks are to our outfits what Rob Kardashian is to the K-centric clan—crucial to the dynamic but routinely overlooked. But these Richer Poorer stunners have us taking note of our sock game—or lack-there-of. The lightweight fabric makes them a treat for our tootsies, while the bright patterns snaz up our all-back-everything winter wardrobes.

Caudalie Divine Oil - 100 ml

Caudalie’s lightweight hydrator is simply, well, divine. This oil hydrates parched skin and disappears in seconds without any residual stickiness or oiliness. According to office lore, Birchbox founder Katia relies on the multipurpose oil to score her mythical "perfectly-imperfect" hair.

For The Makers

Do-it-yourself projects can go from fun to frustrating faster than you can say, “Pinterest-worthy.” Luckily, For The Makers breezy DIY Technicolor Pouch kit let us indulge our inner craft-blogger without the headache. The kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions and all the necessary tools and materials. As the old saying goes, those who can’t do, teach—and those who can’t DIY turn to For The Makers.

Benefit Cosmetics Lollitint

Now that spring is finally here, we’re swapping or go-to red lipstick for this cheery stain. A hybrid of orchid and bubblegum pink, the easy-to-blend, smudge-proof formula provides a pop of color that lasts all day. The sugary-pink shade works on a variety of skin tones and lends a flirty, vintage vibe to cheeks and lips.

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