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August 18, 2015

Wet Hair, Dont Care: 3 Wet Hairstyles to Rock On Purpose

Late for Work: Pulled-Together Topknot


Before you run out the door with wet hair dripping down your shoulders, consider pulling it into a slightly undone topknot. After prepping just-washed hair with a detangler, apply a quarter-sized dollop of Bumble and bumble.s Dont Blow It for hold and frizz control. Next, flip your head over, comb hair into a high ponytail, and secure with a clear elastic. From there, use your fingers to swirl your hair around the elastic, securing with bobby pins as you go. (Hairstylist Mallory Pace suggests placing one bobby pin vertically in the bun to preserve its height as it air-dries.) Finally, seal the look with a strong hold hairspray and embark on your commute.

From the Pool to the Bar: Brushed Back With Volume


When youre on vacation, you dont want to spend all of your time primping between the pool and the hotel bar. Instead, embrace your just-out-of-the-deep-end mane with a chic, pushed back style. Once youre in your cover-up, use a comb (or your fingers) to slick all of your hair towards the back of your head and blot with a towel. Next, saturate your hair with a strong hold pomade like PARLOR by Jeff Chastains Reworkable Hold Pastethe product will not only keep your hair from falling forward, it will retain your sleek look for the rest of the evening. For added texture, spritz your loose ends with Bumble and bumble.s Surf Infusion Spray.

Dressed-Up Damp Hair: Dutch Crown Braid


Who says wet hair has to look low maintenance? Take advantage of malleable texture by twisting it into an easy dutch crown braid. First, separate your hair into two sections from the front of your head to the nape of your neck. Apply R+Co.s Tinsel Smoothing Oil to prevent flyaways and frizz, then begin dutch braiding each side, as if to create pigtails. Once you secure each braid with a clear elastic, fold them over from left to right and right to left to create the bottom of your crown. Secure with bobby pins and hairspray where necessarythen forget about your style until its time to take it out hours later.


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