We’ve Taken a Shine to This Oil-Absorbing Mattifying Gel

For most of my life, I’ve struggled with oily, greasy skin. If my face had a favorite movie, it would probably be The Shining. Oh, sure—you can pat me on the head and reassure me that I’ll have fewer wrinkles in the future, but I’m not buying it. I want to look good now.

Which is why I’m so excited about this genius Professional Mattifying Gel from OC8, which some lucky subscribers will receive in their August boxes! Here’s the drill: You apply a thin layer of the gel under your makeup, and your skin stays shine-free for eight hours. Not kidding you. I don’t care if your face resembles the Deepwater Horizon oil spill—this stuff can help. Not only that, but the fast-absorbing formula also targets redness for good measure. The secret lies in microscopic Acrysorb® particles, which work to create an in-between layer that absorbs oil underneath your makeup. Cool, right?

If you’re anything like me (i.e. highly defensive of your pores), you’re probably wincing at the word “gel,” but I can assure you that this lightweight formula won’t cause breakouts. OC8 also specializes in designing products that target acne, so they know how to watch out for finicky skin.

Fun fact: This stuff is so good, it’s used by makeup artists for shows like American Idol and The Glee Project. (Can you imagine how stage fright and stage lights combine to make contestants' faces a wee bit shiny?). One thing is for sure: If it’s good enough for those shows, it’s good enough for me. From now on, the only thing shining bright all day will be my colorful personality.

To lift the lid on our August box, check out our Sneak Peek video. Craving a box of your own? Join today!

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