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April 30, 2015

Introducing the Dad Bod: A Rising Trend in Men's (Non-)Fitness

The Dad Bod is the male midsections answer to the mullet: Muscly business on the bottom, and a flabby little party on top. By all accounts, its achieved by combining semi-regular exercise with a laidback attitude and a healthy appetite for pizza and beer.

One Clemson University sophomore recently took to the schools online paper to defend the Dad Bodwhich has long been prevalent in fraternity cultureclaiming it makes guys more human, cuddly, and fun to be around. And to the elation of pudgy ex-athletes everywhere, her argument is quite convincing.

Editors at The Cut decided to debate the trend, but not before editing its name down to a singular, meme-worthy term: Dadbod. In all, the staff is skeptical, even speculating that Dadbod is the manifestation of a sense of entitlement.

The consensus here at HQ? You do you. Besides, who are we to deny the theories of Americas promising young scholars? Before long, guys could be paying personal trainers to alternate handstands with keg stands, and to serve swigs of Guinness between sit-ups.


Kate Canary